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Photo of Gabe Maharjan and Rhiannon Collett by Laurence Philomene.

Photo of Gabe Maharjan and Rhiannon Collett by Laurence Philomene.

WASP (Nightswimming) - 2018


Isaac and Wasp meet at an abandoned church in the middle of the night. It’s an unlikely reunion: Wasp is a genderqueer revolutionary and Isaac is a punk turned abortion doctor. They have something in common - they’re both second generation survivors of a terrible tragedy. Angels (who look like giant wasps) have been preying on their town, impregnating women on their 21st birthdays. Tonight is Wasp’s birthday and they aren’t going to go down without a fight, but things get complicated when Wasp’s lover Jayne shows up and extremely messy when Caroline, Isaac’s true believer girlfriend crashes the party. What does gender essentialism look like in the face of tragedy? How do we choose our destinies when they seem so pre-determined?

80 minutes, no intermission.
4 actors - one cis man, one cis woman, one non-binary person, one trans woman or non-binary person.
To read an excerpt of Wasp, click here.

Creative Team

Presented at the 2019 Rhubarb Festival
Heath V. Salazar as Wasp
Cole Alvis as Isaac
Robin Luckwaldt Ross as Caroline
and Gabe Maharjan as Jayne

Directed and written by Rhiannon Collett
Sound Design by James Knott
Dramaturgy by Brian Quirt

Production History

2019 - Presented at the 2019 Rhubarb Festival - Buddies in Bad Times Theatre - Toronto

2017 - Staged Reading as a part of the Rose Festival - Psychic City - Montreal

Commissioned and developed by Nightswimming as a part of their 5X25 initiative.