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The Revolutions

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About The Show

The Revolutions unfolds live in a theatre and incorporates performers participating across distance in a shared digital space.
Directed by Kathryn MacKay, the audience meets performers Daniel David Moses, Jim Garrard, and Anne Hardcastle in Kingston, engaged in a meal and conversation about, “What is revolutionary?” Simultaneously, we become absorbed in a forest where we are joined by a family that includes Maddie Bautista (performing in Toronto), Christine Quintana (performing in Vancouver) and Dakota Jamal Wellman (performing in Montreal). Each member of The Revolutions family brings a perspective on change and movements as they gather to lay to rest a family dog. Generations, politics, and technology collide onstage and across Canada, as The Revolutions explores the nature of what is revolutionary today.

Creative Team

Written by Rhiannon Collett
Directed by Kathryn MacKay
Produced by Michael Wheeler
Featuring Anne Hardcastle (Kingston), Jim Garrard (Kingston), Daniel David Moses (Kingston), Christine Quintana (Vancouver), Maddie Bautista (Toronto), Dakota Jamal Wellman (Montreal)
Dramaturgy and set/lighting design by Sarah Garton Stanley
Sound Design by Deanna Choi
Projection/Video Design by Frank Donato
Movement by Zoe Sweet
CdnStudio Coordinators Derek Chan (Vancouver), Rhiannon Collett (Montreal) , and Camila Diaz Varela (Toronto)
Podcasted by Camila Diaz-Varela
Assistant Directed by Mariah Horner
Stage Managed by Madison Lymer
Production Managed by Kristen Leboeuf

Production History

September 2017 - Production - The Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts - Kingston

Commissioned by SpiderWebShow.