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UPCOMING - The Kissing Game

Photos by Laurence Philomene.

THE KISSING GAME (Youtheatre) - 2018


16-year-old Sam’s life is a mess; her parents are fighting, her brother’s a jerk, and she’s way too punk for high-school. She doesn’t talk to anyone (as a rule) but when Kate moves into town with her old sister Frankie, Sam is immediately smitten. Kate’s cool and smart and doesn’t take shit from anyone. Could two outsiders be allies?

As her parent’s marriage crumbles, Sam buries herself in their friendship. But when Kate's sister falls victim to an act of violence, Sam becomes embroiled in something far out of her control. Kate is determined to bring the perpetrator to justice, but her actions have strange consequences and the girls are left to ask, "What is the cost of retribution? Are any of us truly worthy of forgiveness?" The Kissing Game is a urban fantasy that explores love, betrayal, friendship and queer identity.

45 minutes, no intermission.
Solo performance for a woman or non-binary person.

Creative Team

Written and Performed by Rhiannon Collett
Dramaturgy by Michel Lefebvre
Set and Lighting Design by Martin Sirois
First Draft Dramaturgy and Mentorship by Erin Shields

2016 - Preliminary dramaturgy/mentorship by Erin Shields  through Playwrights' Guild of Canada as a part of the Emerging Playwrights' Award. 

2017 - Staged reading as a part of Revolution They Wrote! - Mainline Theatre, Montreal.            

2018 - Selected to be a part of the Leaps and Bounds Program - Young People's Theatre, Toronto. 

2018 - Awarded a residency at the Banff Centre for Creativity as a part of the Playwrights Lab.     

2018 - Reading as part of the LungA Festival - Seyðisfjörður, Iceland.                                                       

2018 - Production as a part of Youtheatre's 50th anniversary season, November 27 - 30, Théâtre Rouge du Conservatoire, and on school tour in the Montreal region December 3-14. 

Development History

Developed with the support of Youtheatre, Young People's Theatre and the Banff Centre for Creativity.