La Somnambule

Photos by Anthony Kennedy.


About The Show

For diurnal animals, the daytime is a space that is safe, life-sustaining — normative. We are programmed to the structures of the day biologically and socially; in turn the social structures we have created have come to define the day.
The unpredictable night, expansively claustrophobic, seduces us with ancestral memories hidden deep in the human creature. It is a place of strangers and secrets, freedom and fear, that some few embrace willingly and into which others are expelled. As the sun descends, the crepuscular, the refugees of the day and true denizens of the dark connect, cohabitate and explore.
Follow CABAL on this pilgrimage into the pitch, with La Somnambule, an immersive theatre world of ornamentation and intrigue inspired by Djuna Barnes’ Nightwood. Under neon signs and gas lamps excavate the possibilities of the night through sense, dance, media, interactive visuals, and object performance. Find the ludonarrative opera of shrouded desire and stolen time in the unlit corners of this rebellious space.
Using the language of Modernism and the fin-de-siècle, CABAL manifests the unrepresented world of the nocturnal other. This contemporary ludonarrative allows the audience to craft their own experience and rewards embracing the spirit of freedom. As residents of the night, live as an agent of revolution and defy the foundations upholding structures of oppression. 

Creative Team

Writers | Rhiannon Collett & Joseph Shragge
Director | Anthony Kennedy 
Dramaturg | Kyle Croutch

Set designer | Robert Leveroos
Costume designer | Sophie El-Assaad
Costume assistants | Marci Babineau, Jennifer Baycroft, Marika Porlier 
Lighting designer | Jon Cleveland
Sound designer | Devon Bate
Guest composer | Jeremy Dutcher
Puppet design | Tyson Houseman, Jillian Harris 
Video designer | Julia Milz
Head of props | Kate Stockburger 

Production manager & stage manager | Trevor Barrette
"The participation of this artist is arranged by permission of Canadian Actors' Equity Association"

Assistant stage manager | Kate Stockburger
Production Assistant | Darragh Mondoux
Front of house & box office manager | Roxane Loumède
Graphic design | Dan Buller
Logo design | Heath Cairns 

Performers | Jillian Harris, Tyson Houseman, Robert Leveroos, Gabe Maharjan, Julia Milz, Alex Petrachuk, Meagan Schroeder & Gabriel Schultz

The creation of this work was made possible thanks to the financial support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.


We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, which last year invested $153 million to bring the arts to Canadians throughout the country.